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#1 Boat Lift In The World

"The beauty of our design is obvious, but the details that you don’t see are the most impressive.”

No longer do you need to stare at the visual pollution that traditional boat lifts create. Way Marine Design has created a boat lift that is second to none, making all the boats working machinery "invisible" to please the eye, while still being capable to withstand the harshest saltwater environments. Finally, they wrapped up the entire package with the best comprehensive warranty in the business. NO PROFILE Boat Lifts, are second to none!

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Our Lifts

Beauty Like You Never Thought Possible

Platform Lifts

There is finally an alternative to the unsightly, metal contraption that spoils your waterfront view. Gone are the days of ducking under, or stepping over beams to access your vessel.

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Cradle Lifts

The No Profile Invisible Lift design is a utilitarian approach, with all the attributes of the award winning No Profile concept. The ease of access to your vessel has not been sacrificed.

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PWC Lifts

Easy access to your PWC when and where you need it. Launch in minutes, keep it clean, and keep your waterfront view. The No Profile PWC lifts come in a variety of configurations.

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Boat Houses

Way Marine Design works closely with marine contractors and architects in the design of boat houses that incorporate the No Profile Boat Lifts.

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Service Lifts

Do you have a marina that could use a service lift? Would you like to be able to load and launch a variety of boats? Would you like a nice revenue center? The No Profile Service Platform Lift is the answer.

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Catwalk Elevator

Don’t just stand on your dock and stare at the water, bring it to life with the new No Profile Gangway Elevator. The Gangway can be incorporated into your dock or bulkhead and add a moving dimension to your waterfront.

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Fire & Law Enforcement Lifts

The No Profile Platform Lift allows for quick and safe loading and unloading when lives are on the line and allows for easy maintenance of your vessels to keep them ready to go at a moments notice.

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Custom Lifts

At Way Marine Design, custom work is our specialty. We can do just about anything to create you the perfect lift! Call us, we can do it!

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Our Mission:

To design and build an aesthetically pleasing, mechanically superior, and ruggedly reliable boat lift.
And by the way, we nailed it!

Our lifts are backed by the best warranty in the business: Two Years, bumper to bumper. How do we offer this? Our superior design and unmatched quality of materials.

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News & Happenings

Updates from the Way Marine Design team.

10 Nov

No Profile Hydraulic Boat Lift

There is finally an alternative to the unsightly metal contraptions that spoil your waterfront view. Gone are the days of ducking under, or stepping over beams to access your vessel. No more balancing acts to clean or service your vessel. No more leveling problems, tangled wires or grease fittings. No more belts to change or […]

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04 Nov

The Hydraulic No Profile Platform Boat Lift

This is the 10K No Profile Platform Boat Lift with a moving platform that is 12′ x 30′. This lift has remote mounted motors stored in the dock box shown. The No Profile Boat Lift keeps your waterfront looking nice and clean. We encourage you to check out all the lifts on the market and […]

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26 Oct

No Profile Hydraulic Boat Lifts

Your waterfront doesn’t have to look like a junkyard anymore. Only the No Profile Boat Lift offers a beautiful alternative. At No Profile Boat Lifts, we’re cleaning up the waterfront one lift at a time.

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