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Frequently Asked

  • How does your lift work?
    The No-Profiles’ patented design incorporates twin hydraulic rams mounted horizontally with twin power supplies. Each hydraulic ram and power supply is encased in aluminum Cable Handling Unit (CHU).
  • Why Hydraulics?
    When you want to lift something, hydraulics has led the way since its inception. From elevators, bulldozers, airplanes, cranes, and marine applications, hydraulic technology is extremely reliable and a proven workhorse.
  • Are the hydraulic rams underwater?
    Absolutely not! The reason you lift your boat out of the water in the first place is to protect it from the destructive nature of the harsh saltwater conditions. To place your boatlift in the same condition you’re trying to keep your boat out just doesn’t make sense. In addition, the hydraulic ram is only exposed when the lift is lowered. It is safely retracted into the cylinder when the boat is in the raised position and housed in a protective aluminum housing. No matter what someone tells you, if you place anything in the water for long, the water will always win!
  • Why do you include a warranty on your stainless steel cables for two years and most lift companies only warrant their cables for 1 year?
    The protective nature of our patented design adds longevity to our components. There are two main causes that weaken and ultimately lead to failure in stainless steel cables. The first is to be wound on a shaft where it comes in contact with itself and the second is to be constantly put under tension and then relaxed. Stainless steel cables in the No-Profile™ Boat Lift, are always under tension and are never wound on a spool or come in contact with each other.
  • Why do you have the best warranty in the industry?
    The reason is the nature of our design and the quality materials we use. Way Marine Design has engineered out the most common problems found in the typical boatlift. Other boatlift builders simply treat the symptoms. More often than not, this usually leads to new and sometimes more serious problems. The No-Profile™ Boat Lifts’ ingenious design, the protective nature of the CHU and the craftsmanship in construction produces a rugged and reliable lift.
  • Where are the motors that power the hydraulics?
    Each electric motor is housed in a water resistant aluminum box in the CHU. This keeps the epoxy coated motor out of the harsh conditions found in the saltwater environment.
  • Can you lower the lift to far or raise it too high?
    Unlike most lifts, the No Profile™ Boat Lifts require no limit switches to keep from raising the lift to high and “two blocking” the lift. In addition, the No Profile ™ Boat Lift has eliminated all problems associated with slack cables. It makes no difference and causes no problems if the cable goes slack from running the lift all the way to the bottom or having a water surge from below.
  • What happens when a storm surge or hurricane causes the lift to be submerged?
    In the event of sever weather or a hurricane that may cause the entire lift to be submerged, the electric motors can be simply removed with our quick disconnect power and hydraulic release. The entire process will take less than ten minutes. This will not cause the lift to drop and the water will have no effect on the rest of the lift. In fact, the lift would operate flawlessly underwater as long as the electric motors are not disabled. In case of extreme weather, it is recommended that you move your boat to safety and store the motors until the high water recedes.
  • What happens if you have hydraulic failure? Will my boat fall?
    Your boat will not fall. Way Marine Design has incorporated check valves to prevent this.
  • What kind of hydraulic fluid do you use?
    We use a biodegradable hydraulic fluid that won’t harm the environment.
  • Are they easy to install?
    The No Profile™ Boat Lifts are designed with the installer in mind. Each lift has been per-tested and the cables are already in place when delivered. Because of the anvil like construction of the CHU, they are quite heavy and require a boom to set them in place.
  • What are the electrical requirements?
    It depends on the lift but our design has incorporated a very simple installation procedure. Our electrical control box and CHU’s come with quick disconnect to make the procedure a breeze for your electrician. Detailed electrical requirements will be provide to the installer when a lift has been selected.
  • Are your lifts fast?
    Depending on the lift selected, our lifts are quite fast. Our average speed is 4 feet per minute. This may vary slightly from lift from model to model.
  • What maintenance is required?
    Because of our superior design and construction, there is no regular maintenance required other than routine inspection. The No-Profile™ Lifts don’t even have any grease fittings.
  • In the event the lift needs to be repaired or cables replaced, is this a major procedure?
    In the event of repairs, the boat should be removed prior to working on the lift. In the event this is not possible, the No-Profile™ Lift has been design to allow the cables to be replaced without removing your boat by incorporating a load bearing system to support the lift and take the load off the cables. The cables can then be easily and quickly replaced. All other components from hydraulic rams, structural parts, electric motors, and control boxes are easily replaced with even the most basic tools. With Way Marine Designs plug and play system, any repairs can be done quickly and get you back on the water.
  • What are the advantages of having a No Profile™ Platform Lift?
    With conventional lifts, their goal is to just lift your boat. With the No Profile™ platform, you can easily clean, load, and service your boat from all sides. Once you’ve experienced the platform, there is no going back.
  • Can your lifts become un-level when raised or lowered?
    No. The nature of the No Profile™ Boat Lift design never allows the lift to become un-level in the first place. With our unique design, the lift remains level as the rams lower the boat. When the boat is in the stored position the hydraulic ram is fully retracted into the cylinder, and the lift is perfectly level.
  • What kind of decking do you use in your platform lift?
    We use a synthetic deck board that is extremely durable, needs no maintenance, and it sinks. This keeps the deck from wanting to float when in comes in contact with the water.
  • Where are the motors?
    Our 5,10,15, and 20K motors are under foot stored in the bow end of our CHU’s (Cable Handling Units). On our 30, 40, and 50K lifts, they have to be remote mounted because of their size. If your dock is less than 4’ above mean high water, we suggest you remote mount the motors to protect them from a storm surge. They can be placed almost anywhere. On top of your dock, in your garage, or in the ceiling of your boat house.
  • Do the hydraulic cylinders ever get submerged?
    Absolutely not! The reason you lift your boat out of the water in the first place is to protect it from the destructive nature of the harsh saltwater conditions. To place your boat lift in the same condition you’re trying to keep your boat out of just doesn’t make sense. In addition, the rod of the cylinder is fully retracted when the lift is in the stored position. No matter what someone tells you, if you place anything in the water for long, the water will always win!
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